Olafur Eliasson- Beauty

I had a chance to interact with Olafur Eliasson’s Beauty a couple months back, over at theMCA Chicago, and have to admit the experience was nothing short of amazing! As is the case with his exhibits, spectators are encouraged to take their time and interact with each piece as much as possible… with this particular piece, if one stands in the right place he/she will see a rainbow unfold through the curtain of water. Yet, if you are curious enough, and dare to cross it, the experience amounts to something like going through a light spectrum that is very very hard to put into words.

Here’s a video of people interacting with this particular installation:

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  1. a. says:

    sounds like the coolest thing to have to go through

  2. Stefan says:

    @a.- it is indeed one of the coolest things to have to go through… definitely go check out his shows whenever you get a chance, you wont regret it.

  3. [...] works were just as amazing, such as the fantastically beautiful and nearly impossible-to-photograph Beauty, which consists simply of a misting mechanism, a spotlight, and a darkened room. When you’re inside it, it seems like you’re walking through a rainbow-colored [...]

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