Urs Fischer

urs fischer- UF-040(g)

urs fischer- urs-fischer_you

urs fischer- urs_fischer

There are many reasons why I’m enjoying these images that document You, an installation by Urs Fischer, over at Gavin Brown’s enterprise (NYC) in 2007. The first, and most obvious one, being that it must be stunning to walk into a clean and pristine space and have whatever baggage or expectations you may have been carrying into the gallery shattered after being confronted with these installations. The second reason being that it’s very comforting to know that art in general (and the mechanisms that support it) have evolved in such a way that presenting work like this is actually feasible.

urs fischer- youedge700

urs fischer- urs_fischer_you_2007-705453

urs fischer- UF 040(4)

urs fischer- UF-040(m)

via flores en el atico

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