Mathew Scott


Mathew Scott es un fotografo estadounidense que pretende crear trabajo que muestre las tensiones paradojicas que existen debajo de la superficie en el dia a dia. Su trabajo muestra dos realidades americanas: una rural y una urbana.. Al final, cada una de ellas existe gracias a la otra en una lucha de dualidades… Yin. Yang.







via beautiful/decay magazine

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  1. [...] 14847 Feed Readers!   Mathew ScottPosted by Stefan on May 26, 2009  |  Popularity: 1%Mathew Scott is an American photographer who sheds light on the paradoxical tensions existing just under the surface of everyday life. His photographs show two America’s… a rural and an urban one. In the end, they each exist because of the other, as a struggle of dualities… Yin. Yang. more more more more more more here here here here here here [...]